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Quality Commitment

The attitude of Dutton Recruitment is to remember that a client can take many years to develop but can easily be lost due to poor performance.

Total Quality Policy is the means by which Dutton Recruitment will achieve it's objectives locally, nationally and worldwide.

The above statement gives an indication as to the company's commitment to continually improving services which it provides to all clients and workers.

Total Quality Policy will be achieved through excellence in the following:

  1. We will develop long-term relationships with our candidates and clients based on excellence of service and mutual profitability.
  2. We will consistently meet our candidates' and clients' expectations on quality of service and standard of personnel.
  3. We will enable and encourage all our employees to contribute fully towards improved customer satisfaction.
  4. We operate systems and procedures which comply with ISO 9001.
  5. We will never submit candidates' personal details without their consent.
  6. We will maintain integrity in all our dealings.
  7. We will endeavour to be the best in our field of operation.
  8. We will listen to the client and adopt change where it is beneficial.