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Our Services

Dutton Recruitment are in a unique position as a forward thinking specialist recruitment agency to be able to provide beneficial alternatives to their clients to the usual format of agency provision.

The way we source and manage our workforce is always evolving and if we don't keep up with these developments it can lead to problems, which is why many companies choose to bring in the experts. We can support your business through a number of services, and because we are the experts, we always adopt an innovative and open approach.

We are confident that any company can take advantage of the services we offer, no matter what size.

At present we are in a position to offer the following services:

Master Vendor

A master vendor contract has a lead supplier of staff that fills the majority share of vacancies hence the term master.

This agreement is a single sourced contract working in partnership with secondary suppliers to manage the recruitment needs and fill all vacancies within an organisation. We provide one point of contact for all your requirements, working to a consistent quality and supplying all staff at a known cost whether supplied through ourselves as the master or from approved second tier suppliers.

This type of agreement gives the client:

  • An experienced partner that assumes the responsibility of your recruitment process, therefore freeing you to focus on achieving corporate goals.
  • Cost management - consistency of charging across all suppliers and across all of your departments, divisions and locations providing significant cost savings.
  • Better understanding of business requirements and demands, giving an improved and more effective resourcing process.
  • Effective rationalisation of your supply chain and a streamlined process, providing benefit from the leverage of an experienced professional to tap into multiple external suppliers.
  • One point of contact rather than multiple suppliers to call or brief, reduces time spent briefing and no more sales calls. Greater penetration through one call and one point of contact for all requirements, queries and information.
  • One invoice - no more reconciling and inputting multiple invoices.
  • Structured candidate management - all candidates get the highest level of support, advice and on going contact through dedicated delivery teams.
  • Accurate management information - enhances performance monitoring capabilities. You save time by no longer having to piece together information from a large number of sources.
  • Progressive technology - access to technology solutions including delivery systems that provide advanced reporting and our Online Timesheet System for easy submission and authorisation of time data.
  •  Risk management - access to guidance and advice on legislative changes to help mitigate risk in your business.


Neutral Vendor

A neutral vendor contract varies from a master vendor contract in one main way. The difference is that there is no lead supplier instead all suppliers are given equal opportunity to supply.

A neutral vendor solution enables an organisation to ensure that they receive the best candidates and that they are not tied to one vendor.

In the same way as second tier and master vendor, suppliers can be monitored for quality with a neutral vendor solution. Suppliers can be rated over time and those suppliers that have the best rating for a candidate speciality can form part of a tiering system. A tiering system would enable suppliers to receive vacancies at the same time as other suppliers in that tier and only when these have been tried will a next level of suppliers be contacted.

This type of agreement gives the client:

  • Total control over spend on temporary staff by standardising charge and pay rates for all suppliers.
  • Total visibility over spend, by tracking and monitoring
  • No off contract / rogue spend
  • One set of terms and conditions
  • Support for SMEs and local communities
  • Consistent ordering process for all departments
  • Central records of all temporary staff supplied
  • Performance measurement for all agencies supplying temporary staff
  • A reduction in management time dealing with timesheets and invoices
  • Clear, defined point of contact
  • Further partnership approaches and cost savings through advertising, call response and continual added value.


Standard Service

Agency recruiting is the standard process carried out by 99% of employment agencies in the UK today. These services are established to provide clients with instant solutions to their staffing requirements. The difficulty for any client utilising this service is finding the right agency which has the experience and a good reputation in the industry.

This type of agreement gives the client:

  • Speed - finding the right candidate can be a lengthy process if you decide to recruit yourself, and replacing staff can often take longer than the notice period itself. Dutton Recruitment, however, may already have suitable candidates and if not, has the means to rapidly attract the people you require.
  • Time Savings - we can save you time particularly in resourcing, interviewing, testing, referencing and pre-selecting.
  • Cost Savings - the actual cost of using an agency is usually a fraction of the "real" cost of you recruiting for yourself. Advertising costs are handled by us and there are no fees until the position is filled successfully.


Payrolling Solutions:

Our payroll solutions offer flexible pay services that free up an organisation's internal resources, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.
Outsourcing the payroll function can deliver many tangible benefits. Headcount may be reduced, back office training needs are eradicated together with recruitment and retention costs. System upgrades are automatically implemented, and the risk of legislative non-compliance is removed.

We are experienced in payroll management and have the skills, systems and staff to handle all payroll requirements.