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Getting Out To Work

Primarily when we have a requirement within a specific industry area we will register a vacancy on our database. We constantly welcome new applicants to register with us so that as and when an opportunity arises in your specific vocational area we will be able to contact you in the first instance.

We constantly update this website with the positions we are currently filling for our clients so we strongly encourage you to visit our Jobs Page regularly.

In the meantime we welcome you to contact your local branch to register your details with them and to find out what opportunities may currently be available to you. Once you are registered onto our award winning database, the entire network of Dutton Branches will have access to your details and will be able to seek employment opportunities on your behalf.

We strongly recommend that you have an up-to-date CV available to send us in Microsoft word .doc format. For further information on putting together the best possible CV, click here ~>

Once you are registered with us we encourage you to keep us updated with your current employment situation and if there is anything we can do for you with regards to finding you any new work or with regards to supporting the recruitment needs of your current employer.

We also ask you to keep us updated with any change in contact details, so that we can let you know in the first instance of any new opportunities that may be available to you.