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Your First Day

So you've got the job... amazing! You've accepted the offer, contracts are signed, you've got your start date - it may seem that the hard part is over.

Let's face it though, first days can be a bit overwhelming, it's only natural to be nervous.             

But what can you do to prepare? Here are our top tips to help you make the best first impression:


Plan your commute - It’s age-old advice for a reason… being late doesn’t look good and feels even worse! If you can, try a practice commute a few days before at the same time you would leave for work. This was you can check if there are traffic problems or any road works that may affect your journey. If you can't do this, plan your route and leave PLENTY of time. It's so much better to be early and in the grand scheme of things that extra half an hour isn't really very long.

Dress right - Whether you’re based in an office or on a construction site make sure you dress appropriately. If in an office, find out the dress code before you start. If you're unsure on the dress-code then smarter is always better - it's better to turn up dressed well in a smart-casual office than it is to look unprofessional in a smart office.

While you're there:

1. Say hello - Make an effort to introduce yourself to everyone that you meet as this will make you seem friendly and approachable. Do this within your immediate team and the rest of the business –also try to remember their names! If you're on-site make sure you bring all the equipment you need. This will not only give a good first impression, but demonstrate that you're ready to get started.

2. Take notes - You will likely get told a lot of information, and let's be honest you probably won't remember it all. It may feel a bit silly constantly taking notes, but how systems work and passwords are easily forgotten in a whirlwind day. You may write something down that is actually really important and you don't realise it yet!

3. Be proactive - Sometimes first days can be a bit stop-start as it's hard to predict exactly how much work you will get done or how long inductions take, so you may find yourself twiddling your thumbs. Don't be afraid to ask questions or take it upon yourself to find something to do.

4. Be polite - First days can be a bit overwhelming meeting lots of new people and learning new skills, but remember to stay polite throughout. It's likely that you'll ask lots of questions, which is good as it shows your involvement. Just make sure to thank everyone that helps you - it'll be appreciated!

5.  Get feedback - Hopefully, you've had a good first day meeting your team and getting a feel for your role. Your manager should let you know how you've got on by the end of the day, if they haven’t, ask for feedback on your work or performance. This will show that you ready, willing to learn and that you're dedicated to the role.

So that's it, you should be ready for your first day - good luck!

Remember, your Dutton Consultant will give you tailored advice for your role, but if you have any questions, they're always happy to help.