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Working for Dutton

We have branches across the country and as a company; one of our greatest investments is our staff. Each branch supports a range of industries and teams within the branch will focus on their specific industry area.

Life as a member of staff at Dutton Recruitment is fast-paced and fun with a huge importance being put on supporting and expanding our base of customers and one another. Our staff are picked from the appropriate industries and with the right qualifications to be able to understand the needs of the Clients they will serve. Training within the company is paramount with external and internal training schemes being standard for all staff. Promotion is typically from within and our staff are offered the best possible career prospects based upon their capabilities. We recruit from both the recruitment industry and also from other industries where there is a need for industry specific experience within a team. When looking for staff we look for strong, communicative, driven and confident individuals who can move the business forward and bring their skills to the group.

Typically within a group there are 5 areas of core staff:


Our Dutton Recruitment staff are typically experienced recruiters who have worked within the business and understand our identity and our ethos. They work to enthuse and direct their teams to achieve and deliver service to the company and to our clients. Our management have a 360 degree understanding of the recruitment process and can fully support, educate and develop their staff.


Our consultants are the driving force in supporting and engaging our clients. They introduce potential clients to our company’s capabilities and engage them to do business with us. Our consultants are targeted and have to achieve a standard of business generation and of quality service to their existing clients. It is a consultant's role to listen to the needs of their clients and observe their industry in order to develop business within their team. Consultants are provided with a range of tools and training to enable them to support and gain new clients. Their role fluctuates between being office based and being out on the road. As a business we don’t believe in a call centre type atmosphere and we encourage our consultants to be out, where their industry is, understanding what is needed and meeting those who need it. Our consultants have to think outside the box to engage new business and act as brand ambassadors for Dutton Recruitment.


The work of our administrators underpins the quality that Dutton Recruitment has a reputation for. Our administrators have the job of maintaining the documentation held within the branches and ensuring that the databases and server information we hold is up to date, correct and where appropriate, is in line with legal and financial obligations. Their role spans research, monitoring and communicating with the company’s stakeholders.

Payroll Managers

Our payroll managers undertake the huge task of making sure that our operatives across the country are payrolled seamlessly and accurately. They take the responsibility to ensure that all operatives that carry out work on behalf of our clients are provided with the most comprehensive information and are advised on their options and choices for payroll services throughout their employment with us.


It is the job of our resourcing teams to react to the needs of our clients, old and new, to ensure that where they have recruitment needs, we are able to react and respond quickly and accurately. They have the responsibility to the consultants to match clients' job with the most suitable candidate. Their role can be one of the most demanding as time and quality are two key factors they have to maintain. Some resourcing teams work within divisions that have 24/7 reaction facility and so their job can often mean they have to have the capacity to resource outside of typical office hours. They are provided with a range of tools; our award winning database and access to the top online job-boards to ensure that a role is responded to effectively. They focus on one specialist area and are not generalists, they come from the industries to which they supply and so can understand the needs of our clients and the functions required of the professionals they supply. Where vacancies are available within our group we will advertise them on Dutton Recruitment has grown over the last 30 years by spotting talented individuals within the recruitment industry and within our target industries. We constantly welcome people who are interested in furthering their career with us and feel that they can meet up to the demanding nature of our business. If you feel that you have what it takes to shine with us and want to invest your career in Dutton Recruitment; we welcome you to contact your local Branch Manager to introduce yourself at any time.