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Handling 2nd Interviews

Bear in mind that if you have got this far, you are being seriously considered.

In spite of this fact, being invited back for a second interview can sometimes seem a daunting prospect. But repeating the success of the first interview can be made easier through thorough preparation.

Second Interviews

First interviews are normally conducted by Human Resources, and their purpose is to check out your academic background, skills and experience.

Find out in advance what the format for the second interview will be. Your Duttons consultant will be able to give you this information and let you know whether the interview will be with one person (your prospective boss), a panel of people or a series of one to one interviews, for example.

The purpose of the second interview is to assess:

  • Are you competent to do the job? This will involve more focussed and in-depth questions about your work experience and qualifications.
  • Are you likely to fit in with the team? Whether you are likely to work well with existing staff members is the most important aspect here and is more likely to get you the job than you academic qualifications. Be relaxed, friendly, honest and be yourself.