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Creating A CV

When writing your CV, It's important to remember that first impressions really count.

Be aware that prospective employers usually receive a huge number of applications for each vacancy so here are some useful tips to help make your CV stand out.

Follow the checklist below to help you create the best impression:


  • Make your CV easy to read!
  • Use short, concise sentences.
  • Use a clear font of reasonable size.
  • Use bullet points, headings, bold letters and spacing to make your CV as easy as possible to understand.
  • Beware of using effects excessively; they should help to clarify your CV, not clutter it.
  • Aim for two to four pages.
  • Carefully check spelling and grammar.


  • Personal Details – always include your full name, address, contact numbers and email address (you no longer need to specify your date of birth)
  • Technical Skills Summary/Personal Profile – Always a useful tool to showcase your skills and level of competence.
  • Qualifications – make sure to include your most recent qualifications first and all qualifications relevant to the role.
  • Work History/Experience – start with your most recent employment or experience and work backwards. Your most recent experience should always be the most detailed: provide less detail for each previous position and make sure that dates on your CV match up.
  • Reference Details.

Tailor Your CV – Not every job you apply for will be the same and your CV needs to reflect this. Adapt your CV for each role you apply to, its also a good idea to include a cover letter highlighting relevant experience.

Proof Read – It’s a really good idea to get someone to proof read your CV.

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